About Us

Cali Plug in simple terms represents the most legit and genuine Californian-based weed suppliers. Cali weed Plug was founded in 2006 and is a significant influencer in the challenging weed space of today. July 2020 was the date for the grand opening of this shop. Our products range from Cali carts with Cali plug carts leading on sales. We got top-shelf flowers such as Cali bud or no bud aka Cali plug bags. We got extracts such as Cali shatter, Cali crumble, and weed accessories. We have dominated the greater Los Angeles and now expanded worldwide discreetly. We got the best flowers and these flowers gonna fly off the shelves as the So-Cal consumers demand the quality that Cali weed plug can provide. Cannabis sales in California today have by far exceeded U$5.6 billion, with more than half of that happening in the greater Los Angeles area. Southern California is the largest cannabis consumer market in the world. The Uk and a great part of Europe are following the lead with orders. Our broad strategy lies in aligning with authentic long-term California cannabis innovators while staying true to our end consumer.


The plan is to promote global health and wealth through quick, discreet, and safe delivery of Cali weed products for medication and recreation to patients and business seekers.

What We Do

We carry and provide safe access to high-grade cannabis products from top and trending Californian weed brands. Our project is squared and meant to serve men from all walks of life.